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Investment Management

At Educators Advantage Group we are able to provide advanced portfolio management strategies utilizing active portfolio advisors offering both tactical and strategic managed portfolios.
Our Primary Goals: 
1. Deliver sophisticated personalized investment solutions
2. Reduce portfolio risk within reasonable return objectives
3. Provide full portfolio transparency 24/7
Working with our strategic partner we are able to watch and track ETFs all over the world, around the clock every day.  By closely tracking these ETFs, it allows you to invest in market strengths all over the world while receiving dividends.
Our Process for Our Clients:
•  Emphasize a disciplined global tactical asset allocation process.
•  Provide innovative and consistent risk management.
•  Align investment strategy with client investment objectives and tolerance for risk.
•  Provide on-going portfolio performance monitoring to keep track of portfolio progress.
•  Provide clients with full account transparency.