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Tax Reduction Planning

Taxes impact almost every aspect of personal finance. Effective tax planning can make a significant difference in how quickly and thoroughly you meet your financial objectives and whether or not the IRS gets its hands on excessive amounts of your wealth.

Our firm specializes in commonsense tax, estate planning and IRA distribution strategies that can preserve and increase your wealth, reduce the taxes paid on your IRA distributions and your estate, and enable your IRA to support you and your loved ones for generations.

While some planners focus a disproportionate amount of time on income taxes, our comprehensive tax planning efforts look at many facets of your overall, lifetime tax picture. We go to great lengths to understand each of your unique goals and objectives in an effort to help you mitigate exposure to the more onerous income and estate tax exposure. We deliver creative solutions that make use of the lifetime gift tax exemption, valuation discount opportunities, and deferrals, as just a few examples of tax optimization techniques.

Our objective will be, not necessarily to minimize taxes, but to maximize your overall after-tax and risk-adjusted returns. We will also help you develop a tax-diversification strategy and incorporate it into your retirement and estate planning.

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